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How to Make a Snoopy Baby Shower Invitation

    • 1). Print out an image of Snoopy from a coloring book, or follow the easy video tutorial in Resources to learn to draw the dog yourself. Make the image large enough that you can use just the head of the dog for the invitation.

    • 2). Glue the image onto a folded piece of white cardstock. Trim off the excess, leaving you with a card in the shape of Snoopy's head. Or glue a piece of tissue paper onto the card stock. Layer the image of Snoopy on top. Leave the card in a square or rectangular shape.

    • 3). Decorate the front and inside of the card by stamping on baby-related images. Choose a pacifier, a baby face, a rattle or blocks. Use a combination of blue, pink, yellow and green inks to make the stamps.

    • 4). Write known information about the baby inside the card, as well as a fun fact about the expectant mom. For example, write, "Sheila is really craving avocados right now," or "The baby's favorite music is country." Include the location and address of the baby shower. Add directions for any non-local guests. Be sure to include guest-registry information to make it easier for the guests to select a gift.

    • 5). Attach a small yellow or green ribbon to a safety pin. Seal the invitation closed with the safety pin. Mail the invitation or give it to the guests in person.

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