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What Crafts Do I Make With a Child's Thumbprint?

    Flower Designs and Animals

    • To make animals or flowers, have the child place his thumbprint on the paper using paint or a nontoxic rubber stamp pad. Let the ink or paint dry before using fine-point markers to add pupils, legs, wings, stems, leaves and other features and details. You can also use small dots of white acrylic paint for eyes. For variety, use small paint brushes to add colorful additions. For caterpillars, alternate the color of the thumbprints to show a caterpillar’s body more vividly.


    • Thumbprint pictures make a delightful cover for thank you or holiday cards. Make a card by scoring and folding a piece of card stock. Scoring means to make an indention in the card where the fold will be. Have the child decorate the cover with the desired thumbprint shape and complete it with legs, arms and more. Write your message across the top or along the bottom of the card, and you have a thumbprint card to send.


    • Purchase a T-shirt from your local hobby store. Choose fabric paints for this craft. Plan the design before you begin and practice on a piece of paper. Place a piece of plastic inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through to the back of the T-shirt. Have the child make thumbprint flowers on the T-shirt by placing a thumbprint as the center of each flower and then placing thumbprint petals around it. Use a fabric pen to add stems and leaves. Let the T-shirt dry before wearing it or packaging it as a gift.


    • Make a thumbprint painting as a gift for Grandparents Day or Mother’s or Father’s Day. Create a thumbprint sun by placing multiple thumbprints in the shape of a circle. Add a caterpillar and flowers, all on green thumbprint grass. Once the painting dries, place it in a frame and wrap it to present to that special person. Alternatively, hang it up in a child's room for display.

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