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A Guide For Getting The Best Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are great, only if they are the work of a great contractor.
So how do you get an amazing concrete pool? You need to make a string of smart decisions in order to embellish your home with one of the best concrete pools you can swim in.
Follow this simple guide to enjoy the fun that concrete swimming pools give so freely.
Survey before you Swim Be thorough in your search.
Don't be pleased with the first good offer you get.
You don't add a pool to your home every day so be careful.
Make a list of the important things that identify a good contractor.
The contractor should: • Be licensed • Be insured • Be a member of SPASA and H.
• Offer referrals • Showcase previous work of concrete swimming pools with photographs • Have considerable experience in installing, renovating and repairing pools Where do want to Swim? Before you start shopping for concrete pools, analyse your house and see be clear as the location where the pool should go.
The perfect pool spot should be: • Safe from nosy & noisy neighbours • Away from too many trees, plants, anything with leaves • Get good sunlight Consider & Compare Shapes, Colours and Purpose As concrete swimming pools offer a lot of variety, you should take the time to compare the various styles that you can go for.
In addition to the obvious comparison of shapes, colours and finishing, you should ask yourself: • What will suit your property? • What will you mainly use your pool for (swim laps or party...
)? Draw and Discuss your own Design When you're making the rounds to the different contractors, you should have pool designs and sketches that you made yourself.
Show them your ideas, discuss what they think and if & how they can make it happen.
When discussing with the contractor, be sure to: • Ask a lot of questions (make a list) • Get a definite turn-around-time • Get recommendations • Inquire about the warranty Select and See Before you make your final decision, you should short list to just a couple of the most impressive concrete swimming pools proposals.
Once the work starts, you can observe the workers.
If you think something's amiss, contact the project manager instead of interrupting the workers.
Don't think about a concrete pool in isolation.
Consider how it suits your home and lifestyle.
Finally the last but not least an intensive care should be taken in all steps of construction.

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