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Greenbuild 2011: Ecoinhabits Tim Singbeil Invited To Share Green Building Expertise

Hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council, Greenbuild conferences bring together thousands of building professionals from around the world for three days of educational sessions, special seminars, master speakers, green building tours, and networking events.

Greenbuild 2011 takes place Oct. 4-7, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This is the first time the USGBC has held the conference outside of the U.S., with Toronto chosen because of its reputation as a world leader in green building practices.

The Greenbuild 2011 Expo Hall will feature over 1,000 exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services, including Durisol insulated concrete forms (ICFs), and EcoInhabits Tim Singbeil will be working at the booth with Durisol president, Vipul Acharya.

Because we primarily build with Durisol, as opposed to conventionally-built stick frame houses, we have solid experience working with Durisol block and are comfortable and adept with it. Vipul invited Tim to talk about his on-the-ground experience using Durisol and his understanding of the techniques and process of building with ICFs.

EcoInhabit shares a great relationship with Durisol. Vipul is a hands-on president who has taught us much while remaining open to learning from our experience working with Durisol blocks.

As an engineer, Vipul, along with his company, has put much theoretical thought into the development of Durisol blocks. However, he realizes the value of Ecos on-site building experience, and his invitation to have Tim join him at Greenbuild 2011 is definitely something to be proud of.

Durisol ICFs are a green and healthy environmentally-friendly product ideal for green building. The concrete forms are made with cement-bonded wood fiber (from recycled waste wood) rather than foams, plastics or polystyrenes. The outer side of the hollow core has a layer of rockwool insulation (made from rocks and minerals) and the remainder of the core is filled with concrete. They are very durable, porous, lightweight, and do not rot or decay.

During Greenbuild 2011, there will be lots of conversation and education around walls with thermal mass and their insulating capacity, and how exceptional Durisol mould and fire proof blocks are for passive solar heating.

Greenbuild 2011 is a wonderful opportunity for EcoInhabit to educate other builders while leading the way in building energy efficient, healthy homes.


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