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Aquarium Driftwood Preparation

    • 1). Consider the size and shape of your tank as you select a piece of driftwood. Generally, taller tanks should use taller pieces of wood, while a horizontal arrangement is more attractive for longer tanks. This planning allows you to try out different designs without disturbing your tank inhabitants.

    • 2). Clean the driftwood. Boil smaller pieces for 15 minutes, then drain the water and boil them once again for 15 minutes. Scrub larger pieces of driftwood with a clean brush and water only. Do not use soap or cleaners on the driftwood.

    • 3). Cure the driftwood by allowing it to soak until it sinks naturally. Boiling speeds this process, but larger pieces may need to soak for a week or two until they are fully saturated, according to the Pet Education website.

    • 4). Fasten pieces of driftwood that will not sink after curing to something heavy, such as a piece of rock or piece of slate, using monofilament fishing line. The weight will keep the wood submerged.

    • 5). Attach live plants to the driftwood with monofilament line or thread, if desired. The plants will eventually grow to conceal the attachment points.

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