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How to Find Out About Child Custody Cases in Albany, New York

    • 1). Gather information about the parties involved in the proceeding. You will need one of the following: the case docket number, the file number or the name of the attorney representing one of the parties.

    • 2). Visit the New York State Unified Court System's website to find the WebFamily search engine. Type the list of characters you see in the colorful picture at the bottom of the page into the portal and click the "Submit" button.

    • 3). Open the toolbar at the top of the page corresponding with the title "Court (Required)." Highlight "Albany-Family" in the toolbar. Enter the case docket or file number into the portal and click "Show Future Appearances."

    • 4). View the dates of the proceedings. No names will be provided so it is imperative that you enter the correct case docket or file number.

    • 5). Click "Attorney/Firm Search" on the left side of the page if you do not have the case docket or file number handy. You must know who is representing one of the parties involved. Enter the attorney or firm's name and click the corresponding search button to find the information about future appearances.

    • 6). Go to the court on the hearing date. Family court in Albany is open to the public.

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