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How Do I Pair My Nokia 6300 With My Ford Mondeo?

    • 1). Select the "Menu" key on your Nokia 6300.

    • 2). Scroll to "Settings" and press "Select."

    • 3). Scroll to "Bluetooth" and press "Select."

    • 4). Scroll to "Paired Devices" and press "Select."

    • 5). Scroll to "New" and press "Select."

    • 6). Scroll to "Ford Audio" and press "Select."

    • 7). Enter the PIN showing on the car's radio display on the Nokia. If no PIN appears, then enter "0000" as the PIN into your phone.

    • 8). If the Nokia asks you to confirm the connection then select "Yes" or "Accept". If the device on the Ford Mondeo asks you to confirm the connection, then select accept.

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