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Yamaha R15 Sets The World On Fire

Sometimes the name is just too sufficient to describe the entire product and its qualification and this theory superbly gels with Yamaha. Yamaha, every time it launches a vehicle, compels the entire automobile industry to rise off their hats to it. And after the launch of R15, the world didnt only rise off its hat but also gave a standing ovation to Yamaha for the commendable project that it has launched.

Yamaha R15, as anticipated by the name, has got the R-design which is visually sound and apart from providing a fantastic look to the bike, it also has several other functions. The R-design of the bike scoops out the air and improves the radiator efficiency, gives an idea of the concept and performance of the bike. This Humachine Technology inherited from the R-gene cuts the air and gives a super aerodynamic experience. The bike has got wonderful looks and it is certainly not the low grade version of YZF-R1 or YZF-R6 in any term. Yamaha R15 is available in different lively colors like red, yellow, blue, et al which enhance the overall look of the bike. Although the Yamaha bikes price is always justified, this bike has made it even more valid.

Talking of the integration of the Yamaha motorcycle, for the first time in India a bike has arrived with liquid cooled engine surrounded by a water jacket and because of that factor Yamaha R15 reviews have come out to be excellent. This attribute of the engine keeps it cool. The light weighted aluminium radiator of the bike is designed to utilize the airflow for dissipating the heat and giving the best performance. Hence, the engine reduces vibrations, gives stable performance, and offers a high quality agile riding experience.

Fuel injection is stuffed in the Yamaha Bike engine which has a displacement of 150 cc to make certain outstanding fuel efficiency on one hand and environmental friendliness on the other. Even after being such a powerful and super cool vehicle the bike still manages to give a mileage of 32kmpl on city roads and 43 kmpl on Highways. The alloys of the bike add on to the charm of the bike. The Max power is 17bhp @ 8500rpm and the peak torque is 1.5Nm @ 7500rpm. The linked type mono cross suspension delivers good riding relief, agile handling, and turn ability and hardly causes bottoming out. And for all these reasons, the ride on Yamaha R15 is extraordinary in both terms excitement and quality.

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