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How Do I Prepare a List of Resolutions?

New Year Resolutions have become common around the world.
It may have started in the US, but it has been spreading to other countries as well.
Many people use this as a good time to decide what they will or won't do in the following year.
Everyone making these resolutions most definitely has the best of intentions in mind, yet as you may suspect very few of them are realized.
It is also interesting to note that Health Club and gym membership's sky rocket within the first few weeks of every New Year.
Often the resolutions people make are pretty expensive.
When this happens they are the easiest ones to eliminate since the rationale is they cost too much money.
In any case even though the intentions are great one needs to ask the question - How many years have you made the same resolution to lose weight? And since it's been 10 years now do you really have any intention to follow it through? Now some other resolutions may be simple and inexpensive yet they can be quite involved.
And just so we are clear the list is endless, every individual has their own perceptions and desires to change or improve.
If we take cigarettes for example, we could tell a smoker that if he/she quits smoking they would actually save money and improve their health at the same time.
But for the lifelong smoker it is not a trivial task.
So one really needs to ask why people make these resolutions.
Are they a bit inebriated, or just going along with the crowd, or are they seriously interested in making a lifestyle change.
What is really required for such a pact with one's self is the will power to see it through to completion.
And unfortunately that rarely ever happens.
Most resolutions last about a month or less before they are forgotten.
I would suggest that we create a universal check list of the 10-20 most common resolutions.
Allow people to check them off with a dry marker and then they can reuse them the next year to make the same or slightly different resolutions.
This is really a sad state of affairs.
People go through the effort to decide what they want to do, or change, then when it comes right down to it they do not have the strength or internal fortitude to carry out their resolution.
Everyone obviously wanted to make the change.
So why didn't they? Most of us are basically weak and do not have the inner strength to do what it takes.
However there are tools and techniques that if followed will help us achieve anything we set out to.
You may recall the saying, 'the spirit is willing, but the body is weak'.
This is very true for many of us, and if we cannot even keep a promise to we make to ourselves one has to ask what our integrity is really worth.
You can follow on to a few targets in order to gain success on your resolutions.
Start with being honest to yourself, don't lie.
So face reality rather than seeking hope in lies.
Don't make a long list of things about yourself you wish to alter.
Be realistic, you are human, after all.
Make targets reachable so you can see success in every little step that will lead to more and better motivation.
Don't overdo it or try to rush, rather go slow and steady.
Move step by step, resolution by resolution, one by one.
If you try to do all of them at the same time you have basically found a formula for failure.
This is not only applicable on New Year resolutions; rather resolutions can be made anytime, anywhere.
So why wait, start now.

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