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Prom Themes for 2014

If you're on your school's prom committee, you know that the time is ripe to iron out all the details for prom 2014! The first essential of prom planning is always choosing your prom's theme. Sure, you want it to be something trendy. But your prom theme should also be timeless- something that you and your friends and classmates can look back on years from now and remember fondly. It should also inspire a night of romance, memory making and of course, lots of fun.

So, what's hot for 2014? Copy these prom theme ideas or use them as inspiration to create your own.  

1. The 90s.

 The 1990s have come back in a big way over the last year. We're seeing 90s-inspired clothing, shoes and accessories everywhere, 90s music making it onto playlists, and you've probably caught up on some of the classic 90s TV shows and movies (Friends and Reality Bites, anyone?). Use the 90s as your prom theme, and decorate your venue with everything fun from that era. Don't forget to tell your DJ to play lots of 90s remixes.

2. Classic Fairy Tales and Stories.

 The re-telling, adapting and twisting of classic fairy tales and iconic stories is extremely popular right now. From the movie “Oz the Great and Powerful” to the hit TV shows “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm,” there's something romantic about remaking a time-tested tale. Poll your classmates to see which story really resonates with them, then build your prom theme around that.

3. Magical and Mysterious: witches, warlocks and wood-dwelling folk.

Witches and their ilk are popping up everywhere in pop culture right now- they're all over TV shows and book series. Turn these magical, mysterious and darkly romantic creatures into your prom theme. Have a wooded entryway, rich-colored decorations and mysterious-looking invitations.

4. The Golden Age of Hollywood.

What's more glamorous than the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood hills? All of that during the golden age of Hollywood- when the silver screen stars were polished and pristine, love stories reigned supreme and there were no paparazzi chases on the freeway.  

5. Dubai.

Perhaps known as the most glamorous city in the middle east, Dubai is at once cosmopolitan and historic. Nicknamed “The City of Gold,” Dubai is home to the world's largest skyscrapers and a gorgeous coastline. Transport your prom-goers to Dubai, and they'll have a truly decadent night to remember.

6. Famous Couples of Decades Past.

Center your prom theme around some of the most memorable romances of decades past. Take the danger and excitement of lovers like Bonnie and Clyde, mix it with the classic American image of Jacki O and JFK, and add a dash of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's modern glamour, and infuse it into one romantic prom theme.  

7. Heroes and Heroines.

Sometimes, there's nothing more romantic than a hero who saves the day and sweeps you off your feet. Draw from famous comic book heroes like Tony Stark, Wonder Woman, Batman and Catwoman. Use superhero props and colors to decorate, and add their famous movie theme songs to your prom playlist.

8. Gone But Not Forgotten.

When prom is over, high school will be gone but not forgotten. So why not honor some of history's most memorable personalities for your prom? Use Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Princess Diana, Judy Garland and stars whose legacies continue to inspire us to shape your prom theme.  

9. Out of this World.

Transport your prom-goers to another planet or to outer space with an intergalactic prom theme. Have an alien-themed menu, use glow-in-the-dark decorations and use planets, stars and dry ice to create a truly spacey experience.

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