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9 Bodybuilding Tips For That Bikini Body

While everyone wants to lose weight, the simple truth is that women with curves just look better in bikinis than a skinny size zero.
So embrace your curves and try something bold this season.
When you go looking for your swimsuit, think about trying on a bikini that will flaunt your curves and make people sit up and take notice of you.
There's a reason tanning salons are so popular.
Everyone looks great when they've got a golden, healthy tan.
In bodybuilding competitions people put on tanning creams and spray tans in order to define their muscles and draw attention to their spectacular physiques.
So before heading out to the beach this summer, consider visiting a tanning salon or, if you're uncertain about using a tanning bed, get a spray tan or some tanning creams to make your body look its best.
Remember, no matter how delicious those refined carbohydrates taste, they lead to weight gain and water retention, something no one wants when they're taking their bikini body to the beach.
So, rather than load up on the carbs, try concentrating your diet on fruits and vegetables, and even unprocessed grains to keep in shape.
Try adding interval training to your workout.
Not only does this help fight weight gain and really burn fat and calories, this high intensity workout can also firm and tone your muscles.
Start with a burst of intense work for a full 30 seconds before dropping to easy for a minute and a half, followed by a thirty minute rest.
As you get better and stronger, you can increase the time you work, and decrease the time you rest.
Nothing looks better on someone than good posture.
When a person slouches, it looks like they're ashamed of their body and ashamed of themselves.
But when you stand up straight not only does it automatically pull in your stomach and improve the curve of your back, it makes you look like you're confident and proud and someone worth noticing.
Try adding some squats into your workout routine.
If there's any single routine that will do the most for your thighs and butt, this is the one.
It's an intense workout that will really burn calories while targeting the muscles of your thighs and glutes, helping you add shape and definition.
Drink lots of water.
Drinking water can help keep your skin looking clean and healthy, but it also fights bloating you may be suffering as the result of a diet.
So, if you aren't drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day already, now's the time to start.
Next time you go for a walk, whether it's on the treadmill or outside, try adding an incline.
No only does this make for a more intense workout, but it really helps shape and define your bottom while increasing your endurance at the same time.
If you don't have an area to walk or hike that has hills, remember that treadmills can be adjusted to add an incline.
And, last of all, relax! Summer is about having fun and feeling great whether you're with your family or that special someone.
And the best way to feel great is to look great.
You don't have to have the perfect body to wear a bikini or look good on the beach, you just have to have the body you're happy with.
So rather than buy a one piece, this summer, go for a bikini and show off those curves!

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