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The 2005 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Winners

When the Los Angeles Film Critics Association announced the winners of their 2005 awards on December 10, 2005, it was the romantic drama "Brokeback Mountain" that took home top honors from the LA area critics.

2005 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award Winners:

Best Picture:"Brokeback Mountain" - Runner-up: "A History of Violence"

Best Director:Ang Lee, "Brokeback Mountain" - Runner-up: David Cronenberg, "A History of Violence"

Best Actress: Vera Farmiga, "Down to the Bone" - Runner-up: Judi Dench, "Mrs Henderson Presents"

Best Actor:Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Capote" - Runner-up: Heath Ledger, "Brokeback Mountain"

Best Screenplay: Tie - "Capote" by Dan Futterman and "The Squid and the Whale" by Noah Baumbach

Supporting Actress:Catherine Keener, "Capote," "Ballad of Jack and Rose," "The 40 Year Old Virgin," and "The Interpreter"

Runner-up: Amy Adams, "Junebug"

Supporting Actor: William Hurt, "A History of Violence" - Runner-up: Frank Langella, "Good Night, and Good Luck"

Foreign Language Film: "Cache" - Runner-up: "2046"

Documentary/Non-Fiction Film:"Grizzly Man" - Runner-up: "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"

Production Design: William Chang, "2046" - Runner-up: Jim Bissell, "Good Night, and Good Luck"

Animation:"Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit"

Music/Score: Joe Hisaishi, Youmi Kimura, "Howl's Moving Castle" - Runner-up: Ryuichiu Sakamoto, "Tony Takitani"

Cinematography: Robert Elswit, "Good Night, and Good Luck" - Runner-up: Christopher Doyle, Kwan Pun Leung, Yiu-Fai Lai, "2046"

New Generation:Terrence Howard

Career Achievement: Richard Widmark

Independent/Experimental: "La Commune (Paris, 1871)" directed by Peter Watkins

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association was founded in 1976 and is made up of professional critics based out of LA. In addition to honoring the best films, filmmakers, and actors each year, the LAFCA also sponsors film panels and events throughout the year.

Source: LAFCA

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