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Trystana is offering an easy-to-use and free-of-charge dating service with some very special twists

TRYSTANA MINT: Many dating sites claim to have hundreds of thousands of users, when in reality only 5-10% of these people actually use the site on a regular basis. As a reaction to the dilemma of inactive users, Trystana created The Mint System, a pioneering program that rewards active Trystana users with an online currency called Mint. The more Mint a user has, the higher their profile will appear on Trystana searches for online dating, and the more likely they will be to find love online. Mint is earned quite simply by logging in regularly to Trystana, inviting friends to Trystana via email and Facebook, filling out profile information, and uploading a user photo - everything an active user would normally do. Trystana is committed to offering a singles service to and for people that are truly interested in being involved with the singles community.

DATING LOCAL: A frequent complaint of dating site users is that they are often matched with potential partners that live in distant cities. As a reaction to the problem of distance, Trystana has pioneered a system whereby users can select a search range of 5-150 Km to date online, ensuring that the partner they choose lives within a reasonable distance.

FACEBOOK: Although signing up only takes two minutes via the website to start meeting singles, there is also Trystana's Facebook page, which is seamlessly integrated with the main Trystana site, meaning that users can register simply by adding the Trystana application to their Facebook account. Users can then check for suitable partners through Trystana while they use Facebook.

Registration with Trystana is fast and simple. Facebook users can simply add the Trystana application to their Facebook account, to start dating and they will be immediately signed up for an account. Also, Facebook users can use Facebook Connect feature on trystana's website to use their account to login instantly to start dating singles. Users can also sign up through Trystana's website.

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