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In order to maximize the efficiency of your operation when it comes to handling materials at any place and any time within a large industrial facility, having a range of movable lifting solutions available to handle the jobs is essential. With a number of portable gantry cranes on standby within your factory or warehouse, you can be confident that staff will be able to get their hands on the right equipment for any lifting task quickly and efficiently.

Using portable gantry cranes instead of more powerful and costly fixed versions has a number of advantages that makes it a sensible method of operation for businesses of most sizes that are looking for a way to make their internal distribution work better. With a fixed lifting system that needs to be installed throughout the building, you can lift items from any point to any other, however, the initial cost of the system is very high, and there are a number of strict limitations that are put in place by the layout of your building and the extent to which your crane system can reach.

With a portable gantry crane, you will make small sacrifices in terms of the ultimate lifting power that you are able to access through the crane, however thanks to the ability that you have to move the unit to the exact place where it is needed, your staff will soon find that these units offer the perfect solution for material handling within the workplace.

There are a number of different portable gantry cranes available, and these units have been designed around the standard working environment. Their primary task is to enable the easy lifting of materials and large objects from floor level onto a work bench, and vice versa. The design of the unit is intended to give them the minimum area on the ground while making sure that the crane can straddle most standard work benches. The unit has a base width of 68 inches more than large enough to ensure that it can easily be used with most units.

The main concern for most buyers is the capacity of weight that each crane can handle, and in an environment where you are looking for the best and lowest cost solution to your handling needs, then the various different models will all have good usage. The lightest duty portable gantry crane weighs in at 288 pounds, and thanks to its lightweight construction, is able to handle a maximum weight of 300 pounds this is generally plenty for most small workshops, although if you need to lift heavy engine blocks or other large items, investing in a more robust crane is essential.

The most powerful portable gantry crane available from East Rack at the present time offers users fantastic performance, and can lift up to 2,000 pounds despite only weighing in at 340 pounds itself. This means that it is extremely maneuverable in use, and easy for any staff member to get to grips with quickly.

Whatever portable gantry crane you choose, remember that safety is vitally important, and the crane should never be used beyond its maximum rating, as this could potentially result in a failure that may lead to injury.

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