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Selling Houses on the Web

We have lot of websites that are designed to help sellers sell their own homes without getting the help of an agent. You can find many of them by simply going to a web search engine like Google or Yahoo and typing €for sale by owner websites€ into the search box. To list your home on the web, you have to go through the local representative. Among those some of the local operations are running well, and others appear to be run by clumsy, pushy managers.

The general concept of listing your home for sale by owner on a website goes as follows:You pay a flat fee to get a web listing. If you want to buy an ad in the websites magazine, it's an extra fee. Some of these FSBO websites offer local classes to teach you the tricks of selling by owner. It also will either give you or sell you signage, listing sheets and other tools you'll need. You can even pay a separate fee that will get your home listed in the local multiple listing service, which is where the vast majority of home buyers go to look for homes that are available.

Unlike a discount broker who might be more involved with your sale, when you sell by owner using a website, you'll be responsible for doing just about everything, including the showings, any negotiation and making sure all the details get done that will enable the house to close. As far as ethics go, I think it's perfectly fine to consult with several top real estate agents in your area about selling your home. You could ask them to prepare a comparative marketing analysis (CMA) for your home, which would tell you how they would market the home and their suggested list price.

While you might then go and list the home yourself, most savvy agents know that just 15 to 20 percent of homeowners are able to sell by owner. The rest wind up using agents - typically the agent they liked best from the initial round of CMAs. Today, more real estate firms are "unbundling" the real estate services they offer, with the hopes of giving sellers exactly what they need at a price they're willing to pay.

Online Home Selling tips

There is a short-term loan program known as a "bridge loan" that can help you cover extra cost you'll have of covering your new mortgage before you've sold your existing home. You may also be able to use a home equity line of credit on your existing property to accomplish the same thing. Essentially you'd borrow against your equity to get the cash for the down payment on the new home.

Bridge loans can be much more costly than home equity loans or lines of credit. They are typically a short term solution to help you during the changeover when you haven't yet sold your current home but have purchased a new home. Once you close on the new home, do what you can to sell your old home as quickly as possible. Juggling the expenses of two homes at the same time can cause home buyers to panic. Some homeowners get hung up on getting their €price€ on the sale and forget that for each month they hold on to their old home, the money they pay for the old home is lost money.

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