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Telling It Like It Is: Building A Multi-Million Dollar Network Marketing Organization Part 1

We all dream of the good life that a successful Network Marketing organization can bring us. It's really a one-of-a-kind scenario: time freedom, financial freedom and a rock or rap star status combined into one pot of gold. There's no other industry I know of that a regular person like you and I can have a legitimate shot at €the good life€ starting from where we currently are in our lives.

The somber reality, however, is most people just don't get there. Most quit before the tree bears fruit. It's not the fault of the system. It's mainly caused, in my opinion, by the unrealistic expectations by most people coming into the business. By all accounts, Network Marketing is a real business. It's not a pie-in-the-sky, get-rich-quick scheme. The illegal pyramid schemes are, but the legitimate Network Marketing businesses are not.

It takes learning a new set of skills if the person coming in is new, and it also requires all of us to get out of our comfort zones. It's like the doctor who wants to become a nurse: he or she still needs to go to Nursing School. Why? It's a different set of skills. Our patience and resilience will definitely be tested, and the psychological warfare that will happen inside our minds will test our very being once we decide to take on this fascinating journey.

The reality is it's much easier and more convenient to quit and play the blame game than to go through whatever we need to go through to come out on the other side. That's why 95% do so. But what about the other 5%? Is it worth it to break away from the 95% and squeeze our way into the enviable position of the other 5%? Absolutely!

It all starts with our minds. Until we come to grips with that and take it to heart, we will never be able to create any kind of results that dreams are made of. We must be ready to enter into a war when we finally decide to commit to the Network Marketing profession. It's not a physical war, but a psychological one. It's our own inner voice fighting with ourselves. Believe me. This is as real as rain on a stormy day.

To attack €the beast€ and win, we must first start with understanding what kind of a beast it is and what kind of a war we must fight. It's not a war with external forces. It's a war within ourselves. Now, that is one of the hardest wars to fight. Is it possible to break free? Of course. We just need to first be willing to play a game of mind-tricks. Manipulating our minds for our own good is a must to break free. What exactly does this mean?

For starters, it would help us a lot to do something this simple on a daily basis: THINK€¦GOOD€¦THOUGHTS. As Les Brown once said to his inner voice, €Shut up! Stop scaring me! I'm on your side!€ That kind of self-talk definitely works! Look at where he is now. It may sound insane talking with ourselves, but it will only be legitimately insane if someone else hears us.

Lesson 1: When we're talking with ourselves, let's make sure nobody hears us.

Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. That's just the way it is. Self-talk, believe it or not, is one of the things that needs to be done to be able to take control of our minds. If we're willing to have a conversation with other people, we might as well be willing to have a conversation with ourselves. It's not a crime and it definitely will do us good. Again, make sure nobody hears€¦just to be safe.

Lesson 2: Believe€¦believe€¦then believe some more until€¦

It's critical we believe not only in ourselves but also in what we're embarking on. It's not enough to try. We must do until€¦ How do we believe in ourselves when we don't have any kind of results to show for yet? We must do the next best thing: borrow someone else's results until we get our own.

Network Marketing is not about convincing other people about anything. It's about sharing with other people what we're marketing without being concerned whether they say yes or no and convincing ourselves that we can pull it off. There's absolute power behind it when people feel we don't really care whether they say yes or no. People tend to get attracted to people with that kind of mindset. The fear of loss could come into play in that kind of a situation.

What we should critically care about is us being professional and ethical when we're doing our exposing, and never burning bridges with people who say no or anybody else for that matter. We just never know what the future holds. When we finally convince our own minds that what we're doing is possible and doable, everything else will fall into place. Again, self-talk is a very big factor in this process. That's the only way we can really effectively communicate with our own minds. Any other way, I found inefficient. Just remember to do it privately€¦very important.

When we finally convince our minds that we can pull this off, the right things will start to happen, the right people will show up, and the right events will take place. How do we get to this magical situation? One word: activity€¦ooops€¦two words: productive activity.

Lesson 3: Productive activity breeds productivity.

What exactly is productive activity? Could shifting paperwork and cleaning out our desks be considered productive activity? It could be€¦if we're janitors. If we're Network Marketers, it's simply not. Productive activity is when we're engaging in uncomfortable (in the beginning) acts that, consistently done over a period of time, will create the results we desire. The critical key here is €over a period of time.€ We must give it time to work. It sounds simple, right? Well, it is. It's simple, but it's not easy. It goes back to our minds and our self-talk. The hard part is convincing our minds to engage in productive activity that, consistently repeated over time, will create magical results.

Lesson 4: Simplicity is the key.

This is not the time nor the right situation to be sophisticated. We must always stay simple so we don't scare people. We must communicate effectively. What exactly does this mean? Well, we must not sound like a professor when we're talking with people. We must simply sound like€¦ourselves. Complicated words create complicated results.

The people we're talking with must not have to refer to a dictionary every so often just to understand what we're saying. Effective communication is defined as: €Saying what we'd like to say in a manner that people who we are speaking with can understand exactly what we mean at any given point in time.€ There. Does anyone need to refer to a dictionary just to understand what I just said? That's effective communication.

Lesson 5: Have fun.

It's not worth getting into, whatever it may be, if we can't have fun, right? Life is too short. We're just here for a flicker. Next thing we know€¦kaputz€¦el finis'. In the mean time we're here, let's have fun! I once learned that laughter is the best way to people's hearts. Most people tend to be open-minded when they're happy. It's hard to be sad when we're laughing. Try it. Let me know if you're one of those select-few who can pull off this feat. We'll make sure to give you recognition for it. That's a hard talent to master.

Lesson 6: Be thankful.

Let's be thankful for everything and anything that we have. You're reading and I'm writing this right now. Wow! Thank you. We have computers. Do you know how many people on Earth don't have computers? I really don't know many, but I know that number is a lot. Next time you wake up, say €thank you€ and kiss the person sleeping beside you. If you don't have anybody you're sleeping with, kiss yourself. How? Your arms! Why? Kissing is healthy and fun. It brightens up people's days€¦and nights. When the person you just kissed asked you why you thanked them, just say, €because you allowed me to kiss you.€ Watc

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