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Follow Through
At the end of the day, network marketing is a business; and to succeed in business you have to follow through.

Many people in network marketing spend all their time planning, scheming, and dreaming instead of doing, living, and modeling their business.

Talk to people. Tell the story. Do the doing, and win the winning.

The more time you spend doing, the more you will end up having in money, satisfaction, and results.

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you can do the doing wherever you happen to end up being.

You can talk to anyone about the product or the opportunity. You can constantly share your own experience. And you can do it in a way that helps others and is readily accepted.

To have the have, do-the-do!

Help Others to Succeed
Network marketing is about building a network. This makes it different from individual marketing, which is just you, and consequently has no leverage.

To build a network, you need to focus on other people. You need to help other people to succeed and to have everything that you have, and to be everything that you are becoming.

Successful network marketers are those who motivate, encourage, and train their downline constantly.

They are turned on to the psychology and technology of success and are constantly finding and sharing the best ideas with others so that they too can succeed.

Newton said, "If I have seen more clearly than others it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants."

In network marketing if you succeed, it will be because the giants in your downline stood on your shoulders!

Your success is found in the success of others!

Believe in You!
Believe in yourself. You are God's greatest miracle, and you are here to succeed.

If you don't believe, for whatever reason, that you don't have what it takes, all you have got to believe is that I believe you have what it takes and YOU WILL HAVE IT.

I give you my permission to positively and correctly believe in yourself starting now, because I believe in you.

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