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How to Care For Your ShihTzu

Our little princess is now 3 years old.
I must admit, she is overly pampered because we still pound her dry food, mix small pieces of treats and feed her twice a day.
Although she is a very gentle, adorable, feminine, soft to cuddle Shih Tzu but she gets real hyper when we take her for outing.
She is sociable, wages her tail to everybody.
Once a month, we will take Chew to the pet salon for grooming.
And after every grooming session, she smells really great and fluffy just like a real princess.
Shih Tzu is a house pet and they are not meant to be left out in the wild.
Caring for Shih Tzu is pretty similar to caring for other small pups like Chihuahua, schnauzer, Maltese and others.
Some owners prefer to keep their Shih Tzu coat clipped and others prefer to have them in full coat.
Keeping the clipped coat is less time consuming compared to full coat.
Grooming your puppy should start as early as possible so they can get used to being groomed at the groomers place.
The best place to groom them is to place them on a flat surface and spend at least 15 minutes to brush their coat everyday with a bristle brush.
Using a bristle brush, gently brush away any hair that is covering their eyes.
If the hair is falling into their eyes, very carefully use a scissors with rounded ends and trim the hair around the eyes.
If you are uncomfortable doing this, bring your pet to the professional.
Be aware that hair in Shih Tzu eyes can cause irritation and infections.
Next focus on their ears.
The hair on the inside and outside of their ears must be removed.
Puppy hair around the ear is easily tangle therefore frequent brushing is needed.
Have a routine check on their eyes, ears and mouth for any sign of redness, irritation because this can eventually give problem to them.
Hair around the mouth is recommended to be kept short so your puppy can eat and drink easily.
Still using the bristle brush comb down the hair from the neck to their body ensuring there are no tangles.
Then when you reach their feet, check their nails, hair between the pads must be kept short at all times.
Special care must be taken when trimming their nails.
When you trim too deeply, this may cause the toe to bleed.
This nail trimming is better to let the professional to do it rather than yourself.
The final step of grooming is the hair around your puppies bottom and tail.
Brush through the tail with bristle brush and trim if necessary.
Trim the hair around your puppies bottom so that when they do their toilet business, it will not flow to the hair and cause this area to smell and eventually infected.
Check this area daily to make sure there is no excrement stuck around this area.
The best time to start sending your puppy to the groomer is upon completion of all the vaccinations on them.
This is the time where your puppy is strong enough to face or play with other big dogs outside.

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