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Have you decided to save some money on movers and move your furniture yourself.
If so you have taken on quite a job.
Moving can be difficult and tiring but this article will give you some tips to help make your move go smoothly.
First off you need to make sure that you reserve a moving truck well before your move.
Rental companies can and do sell out of truck rentals.
Order your truck at least 3 weeks in advance.
Longer if your move is at the end of the month when most trucks are rented.
If you want to save some hassle you can rent one during the middle of the week.
They are easier to get during the week and the rental store will not be as busy so you will get in and out faster.
Next be sure to pack a few days before the actual move.
There is nothing worse than having to pack the day of the move or the night before it.
Moving will go much easier if all you have to do is load on the day of the move.
Be sure to mark the boxes accurately so that they get put into the right room.
Pack a separate box of things that you will need immediately like a change of clothes and toiletries.
Lastly when you load the truck fill up the granny's attic (if so equipped) with boxes first.
Then load the heavier items towards the front of the truck.
If possible load the items that you will want immediately last.
After you load the truck and are preparing to leave use caution.
A loaded moving truck does not handle well.
Give yourself extra time to stop and turn at a slower speed.
Good luck and happy moving.

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