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DIY E-Collar

    • 1). Measure the circumference of your dog's neck.

    • 2). Lay a piece of rigid, semi-transparent plastic sheeting on your work surface.

    • 3). Draw a semi-circle in the center of the plastic sheeting. The semi-circle should be equal in length to your dog's neck circumference plus 1 inch.

    • 4). Draw a line extending from one edge of the convex side of the semi-circle extending out to a distance equal in length to half of your dog's neck circumference. Do the same for the other edge of the semi-circle.

    • 5). Connect the two lines with another, larger semi-circle. You've now drawn a large, semi-circular wedge shape, which forms the basis of the E-collar.

    • 6). Cut out the e-collar using a utility knife.

    • 7). Measure approximately 2 inches into the body of the Elizabethan collar, starting at the smaller semi-circle. Measure and mark off 3-inch intervals along the perimeter of the collar at the 2-inch mark.

    • 8). Cut a 1-inch long slit at each mark along the edge of the collar. These slits allow you to thread your dog's collar through the E-collar for a secure fit.

    • 9). Punch an equal number of holes on the longer, linear sides of the collar, about ½ inch from the edge. Thread a shoelace or piece of rope through these holes to close the E-collar after placing it on your dog.

    • 10

      Sand down any rough edges. If desired, glue a piece of felt over the semi-circular edges of the collar to protect your dog's skin.

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