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3 Easy Ways To Get New Customers

If you own and operate any kind of small business, then by now you are well aware that getting and keeping a fresh batch of new customers buying from you is the name of the game.

In fact, Ill bet youll be hard pressed to find a single business problem that cant be solved with an abundance of paying customers.

Just think:

What if...

Every morning, there was a line of people standing outside your business and waiting to pay you for whatever you sell?

Wouldnt that be a pretty good position to be in?

Wouldnt all your business problems just about vanish?

So how then do you get new customers?

Thats the purpose of this article.

So lets go ahead and dive right into three ways to get new customers:

1. Use Bait That Good Fish Want

To get new customers into your business, you need to give some thought to who you want to attract. And what these shoppers want?

The mistake most small business owners make is in trying to sell to everybody with a pulse, and then going after everybody with a low price offer.

Big mistake.


Because everybody is not your customer. And because using a low price offer attracts low price shoppers... and... in my experience these types do not make good (and long term) buyers.

2. Ask Your Current Customers to Refer Their Friends

You already have a sales force at your beckon call... that is ready and willing to spread the word about your business. And, they will do this for free. Who am I talking about?

Of course...

Your current customers --- who if you approach them the right way (and assuming you are providing an excellent product or service) will refer their friends, family and work associates.

Doing this single thing can become a goldmine.

3. Always Be Marketing

I was talking with a client the other day, who was telling me that business is slow. And when I asked him if he was using all the tools he has at his fingertips to bring new folks into his business... he said no.


In his own words...

Because he was lazy.

Look, marketing is an ongoing (and never ending) process. Its not a one-time event you half-hazardly do when you need business. This philosophy wont fly in todays cut-throat competitive market.

An acronym to remember is ABM... always be marketing.

So there you have it.

Three ways to keep new customers, clients or patients buying from you.

1. Give the fish what they want to eat.

2. Ask for referrals.

3. Always be marketing.

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