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7 Nutrition Tips Towards a Leaner Body

There are various ways that we can cut back on calories.
When people think about dieting, they often picture a very strict menu with barely any enjoyable food.
However, eliminating unnecessary calories is as easy as eating smaller portions and substituting some of the foods for healthier alternatives.
In this article I will provide the reader with several nutrition tips towards a leaner body.
  1. Choose fruit instead of juice.
    For example: a cup of orange juice has about 110 calories whereas an orange has only 60.
  2. Eat a smaller bagel.
    A small bagel has about 80 calories while a regular size bagel has 240!
  3. Choose light dairy.
    For example: light cream cheese contains 60 calories and regular has approximately 100.
  4. Try Canadian.
    Canadian bacon is a great alternative to regular bacon at only 90 calories compared to 250 per two slices.
  5. Spray your pan with non-stick cooking spray rather than butter.
    This can eliminate 100 calories daily.
  6. Choose fish in water instead of oil.
    Canned tuna in water has only 150 calories whereas tuna in oil has about 275!
  7. Snacks.
    Try buying baked chips instead of regular chips.
    This will help you eliminate 70 calories from each 2 oz bag.
    As far as other snacks are concerned, opt for the 100 calorie packets.
These are just a few tips to help you lose weight [http://www.
There are numerous other minor diet changes you can make in order to attain a slimmer physique.
Aside from healthy nutrition, some people rely upon the best diet pills, all natural herbal remedies, and regular physical activity to help them attain the dress size they have always wanted.
So don't be afraid to take the first step towards a healthier and leaner new you.

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