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How to Get Back Together With Your Boyfriend - Doing This One Thing Can Get Him Back

Are you one of the many women sitting at home right now wishing she could have a second chance with her boyfriend? You're not alone.
Many of us have felt this same way at some point.
We've gone through a break up and we just can't seem to get over him.
We love him, we miss him and we want him back.
The question of how to get back together with your boyfriend isn't a new one but it's not all that easy to answer.
If you're serious about having a future with the man you adore, you have to be willing to do just one very important thing.
You've got to ignore him.
That likely seems crazy given the fact that all you really want is to be back in his arms.
How can you possibly achieve that if you're ignoring him? The answer is simple.
The driving force behind wanting someone back, and what you're feeling right now is rejection.
It's a horrible feeling.
It makes you feel sad and alone.
That's why learning how to get back together with your boyfriend includes understanding how vital it is to make him feel that same rejection.
Here's how you'll go about accomplishing it.
Call him up when you're calm.
This is very important.
You don't want your emotions running the show.
Tell him that you're sorry for whatever you did that played a part in the relationship falling apart.
Be sincere.
Then tell him that you've been thinking and you were also considering breaking up.
Try not to cry when you're saying this.
After that, wish him well and tell him to take care.
Then you should end the call and not contact him again for a few weeks.
If you can do this, and you can remain controlled and focused during the weeks following, he'll come looking for you.
Men can't tolerate the feeling of rejection.
It drives them to want back whatever is rejecting them.
Before you know it, your ex will be the one who wants you to come back to him.

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