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Staffordshire Terriers" Puppies Crate Training Method

Having to crate train your Staffordshire Terriers' puppies will make life for both of you easier.
Puppies are very curious about everything around them as they begin to explore their new world.
Sometimes they go too far and explore a bit too much, giving way to your new comforter or shoes.
In the beginning your puppy might fight or resist going into his space that I will refer too as his room.
But with time, they will learn to be happy there.
NEVER use the crate as a source punishment for your dog if he decides to wet on your carpet or chew up your shoes.
Making the crate comfortable for you dog is a must, especially if you are going to be away for awhile.
A nice washable blanket, a few toys, and a chew bone will almost guarantee this.
Crate training your dog is more than just a housebreaking your puppy.
If you would have to travel at some time your dog might need to be boarded or if he were to get sick and have to stay at a pet hospital.
Even if you leave your dog at the groomers, your dog would not be so unsettled if he were to be crate trained.
Crate training takes time on your part and it is important when considering to bringing home a new puppy.
When training begins, you do not want to leave your poor puppy in their crate for long periods of time (8 hours is a long period of time for a new puppy).
This should be done is short increments.
One hour one day, two hours the next, three hours the following.
You should allow at least four to six days where you will be home so that you and your pet can be safe and happy.
Puppies like to feel confident that their owner will be back for them.
The short time in the beginning allows them to feel more and more secure about the crate.
In all I encourage crate training for the safety of your pet.

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