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55-Plus Condominiums - The Right Choice for You?

It's an often-reported fact that as population is aging, and as such Condominiums in general are becoming quite popular.
A separate segment of Condominiums are the 55-plus type.
These are units with bylaws which state that the occupant of the unit must be at least 55 years of age.
By the way, only ONE of the owners of a unit needs to be of the specified age.
For example, if the wife is 55, and her husband is 42, they qualify..
and I must add, "Good for Her!!!!" For the right person, there are a number of advantages to these 55 plus condos.
Here are a few:
1) Security: Many of these 55 plus condominiums are built with safety in mind, sometimes with security cameras but almost always with good secure locks on well-lit entrances.
2) Handicap accessible: Many buildings feature wider-than-normal hallways, entries and bathrooms, to allow access via wheelchair or walker.
3) "Community Spirit": Quite often, the residents organize weekly pot-luck dinners, shopping trips, card-games and other gatherings.
4) "Birds of a Feather": Since everyone in the building is 55 yrs or older, and many are retired, residents tend to have a lot in common, and friendships are made easily..
if you WANT to do so.
5) Conveniences: Local grocery stores often arrange weekly bus-trip to their stores.
Some condos arrange for a local nurse to attend monthly, or bi-monthly for a general visit.
6) Amenities: 55 plus condos often feature amenities not found in regular condos.
Things such as a reading room, a meeting room, a lounge with kitchen, a fitness room and more.
Home owners who are thinking of selling their houses for a variety of reasons (want to travel, no more yardwork, security issues), but don't feel they are ready for a retirement community, might well consider checking out a 55-plus Condo.

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