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How Do I Obtain a Microsoft Certification in Help Desk Support in North Carolina?

    Develop a Plan of Action

    • 1). Determine which operating system you want to be certified in. Microsoft has phased out support of Windows XP as of summer 2010, so formal certification is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

    • 2). Determine which technologies you actually need to become certified in. As of 2010, there are 17 certification exams related to Windows technologies. You can take them all to become a full Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, or just take the pieces you need to become proficient at your job. The full list is available at

    • 3). Develop a list of the exams you intend to take and the order you plan to take them in. This will help you plan your study and expenses in advance.

    Exam Preparation

    • 1). Look at the information related to the exam. You are not required to have any background experience with Windows systems in order to take the certification exams; however, you will likely fail the exam without adequate understanding of the software.

    • 2). Register for the exam you intend to take. Each exam costs an average of $125 as of August 2010. There are approximately two dozen testing locations within the state of North Carolina. You can register via the website of the exam provider listed.

    • 3). Study the subject matter being covered in the exam. Each exam page lists reference sources that can be used to brush up on the software focused on in the exam. These materials can be found on the overview page for the exam as well as by clicking the "Preparation Materials" tab above the description of the exam. There are also sample exams and other preparation materials provided.

    • 4). Take the exam at the appointed time and location.

    • 5). Repeat this section for each exam you've listed in your plan of action until you have passed all exams listed and have been awarded full certification.

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