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What Are the Benefits of Rubber Mulch for Landscaping?

    Ease of Use

    • Rubber maintenance-free mulch mats are available in a variety of standard shapes for easy installation around any size tree or bush. Custom shapes and colors can be specially ordered.


    • Rubber mulch provides effective insulation for plant roots in winter.


    • Rubber mulch does not decay, decompose or crumble and the landscaping always looks neat and clean.


    • Amortized over time, the cost of rubber mulch is actually less than buying wood mulch every year. After the initial investment, there are no additional expenses.


    • Like most rubber, plastic or vinyl products, they have an odor when they are initially purchased. But according to the manufacturers, the odor fades quickly and is not harmful. Manufacturers also say rubber mulch is not toxic to people or pets.


    • Rubber mulch is made of 100 percent scrap tires, keeping them out of landfills.

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