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It is all in the way you drive.
There are situations when this is not practical but I find that most of the time I can do it.
Have you looked at the stickers on automobiles and wondered how if it would be possible to get those mileages? Have you purchased a new car and gotten angry because you could not come close to those figures? My wife and I purchased a 2004 Mercury Sable.
It was rated 23 city and 29 highway.
If we did much in the city we were lucky to get 20 and if we went on a trip our highway mileage was doing good to reach 23.
Using information I had heard many years ago, I know not where, because of gas prices, we started changing the way we drive to see if we could get better mileage.
Our car has a computer that tracks fuel consumption and tells us the mileage in real time which helps me see the results in a dramatic way but here is the simple method to increase your miles per gallon on any car.
When you take off, use a very light pressure on the accelerator.
Build speed gradually.
If possible, avoid situations where you have to get up to speed fast.
Next is to not use cruise control.
Cruise is a sure way to eat a lot of gas.
Whenever possible accelerate while going down hill.
Try to take it easy if you have to start out going up hill.
When you come to a hill don't try to force your car to maintain your desired speed.
Let it gradually slow down some.
I have found that the mileage I get is not determined by the maximum speed I drive but the way I drive.
The way they get the figures posted on your new car window is not real world conditions.
However I have been able to increase my country and highway mileage to about 27+ MPG and my city to about 24 just by taking it easy on the starts and hills.
I will admit that I go slightly over the speed limit often on the downhill but slow down to well below some times on steep hills.
This change may add a few minutes to your commute time but at nearly $3.
00 per gallon, my 14.
8% increase in gas mileage is significant.
It is like getting an extra two gallons in the tank free, every fill-up.

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