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Take the Long Way Home - A Life in Reflection

In this delicious refection, I journeyed through my amazing past and visited many of the memories I truly cherished.
It pays every now and then to remind yourself of where you have come from, what you've accomplished and just how the real journey and mystery of your life has unfolded.
It's amazing, just how quick it all seems to go by? Life I mean...
it all seems to happen so fast! Hearing Supertramp again made me recall a time when I was only 15 listening to this very song with the volume cranked up high.
I was hanging out at my girlfriends birthday party in her dad's garage dancing, dressed in 70's retro clothes (of course), thinking I looked very cool, nervously trying to be noticed by a certain boy who held my affection at the time.
Then suddenly I reflected back to my life now, writing in a jet, running my own company at 49, off to London, preparing to scope out the lay of the land, setting things up for expansion opportunities in the UK.
As I recall this quantum leap, and what I've made of my life I'm reminded of the humility within it's journey.
If you had told me back in that garage at 15...
just what was to unfold in my life...
with three marriages and three divorces, two beautiful children, the creating of numerous businesses and training of staff, the laughter, the challenges, the crises and tears, the joys, traumas and huge heartaches I'd have to experience, I might of laughed or simply ran the other way! Nothing can really prepare you for the realities you are going to have to face as you grow up and take responsibility in the real world in the journey called life.
I recalled each moment along the journey being totally consumed by the emotions of that particular time, and all that the experience was delivering to me in each moment, to be bothered with needing to know anything else.
Never mind planning for a future, that in that overwhelmed moment I couldn't begin to conceive.
I'm sure you can all relate to what I'm saying.
To live and feel each moment fully is to be totally present in the moment at the time on all levels! We can never know what's lurking just around the corner or what's about to happen to us, even if we set goals and make plans.
I was to learn much latter, that life is what happens when we make the plans...
real wisdom indeed.
In reflecting and remembering my past I was able to celebrate all the hard work on my journey and all that's been overcome and accomplished.
I remember at times being overwhelmed with all manner of life's challenges, feeling I couldn't go on...
but I did.
Life just keeps moving forward because tomorrow keeps turning up.
Our life turmoils are best handled one day at a time, because eventually they all get resolved one way or another.
Learning how to live life fully forces us to take responsibility for everything that happens.
We all experience the many ebbs and flows, highs and lows of life.
Accepting the moments when we need to stop and integrate all that happens within and without, helps us to integrate the often-overwhelming aspects of ones journey.
Reflection is an important part of this, as we accept the whole journey; every lesson, every triumph, every loss and every emotion, claiming the wisdom that experiencing it has afforded us.
It's amazing just how much our memory has to cope with, so occasionally its wisdom to empty the otherwise over filled mental file cabinet.
Visiting the past helps us to recognise those things we resisted and reacted to and why.
Reflection brings to us awareness of the broadness of things as we feel the depth, and ramifications of old actions and emotions, what they co-created for us in those experiences.
Giving us the opportunity to let go, forgive, re-assess and be more aware of what's now important, helping us to know just what to keep and take with us on the journey forward.
The revisited mysteries of life tell us many things about the depth of who we are and how we've lived.
We don't arrive with conscious instructions on how to live well.
We learn from our peers and our experiences what does and doesn't serve us.
All this while the naked posture of life leaves us exposed to ourselves, to the unfolding universal expression that becomes our authentic individuality, bearing the truths of who we are shaped by life.
Like a rugged coastline that's been battered by tumultuous seas, we can see the scars of our past, chiselled into our faces as our well-deserved character lines.
There will always be those things you'll judge as having been wrong, hurtful, or even unforgivable...
but really they were just moments in time when you were becoming conscious that life needed to change and morph into the newness of the next moment.
We are often seduced unconsciously by situations and circumstances in our life to take part in a new journey and its beckoning adventures.
We must learn to live the risks of life, to live it fully, for it challenges us to seek the joy in each unfolding moment.
We can learn over time, like the cliffs that face the battering seas to be brave enough to consciously choose the joy above all else, that no matter what is presented, to live unconditionally each moment is to live it fully without regret.
To not do this is be cheated of the magic of life with all its wonder and mystery.

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