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How to Make a Round Game Board That Spins

    • 1). Draw a circle onto a piece of cardboard in your desired size. To create a nicer circle, consider using a compass or tracing the perimeter of a plate.

    • 2). Cut out your circle using an Exact-o knife or a pair of strong scissors.

    • 3). Make a tiny notation of the center of your circle with a pen or pencil.

    • 4). Push a metal brad through the center of your circle where you made your mark. Make sure the rounded edge is on the top side of your circle. The pieces to be bent should poke through the bottom side.

    • 5). Bend the brad flat and into place. Do not bend your brad too tightly; make it loose enough so that your game board will spin!

    • 6). Decorate your game board as desired.


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