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Three Popular Types of Coffee Makers

Whether you're a faithful coffee lover or just enjoy the occasional cup, choosing the right type and style of coffee maker is quite often a difficult process.
Coffee makers are offered by many manufactures and come with a wide-range of features, so shopping for the ideal machine is really important.
Here are some of the popular types of coffee machines on offer - Pod Coffee Makers - the pod machine is a simple and efficient way to brew a mug of coffee, and quite similar in function to the drip machine, expect for a few key points.
A pod machine is built to accept a single pod, which is essential a small serving of coffee grounds used for making the drink.
Using a simple technique of forcing water through the grounds to produce an instant brew; this is even able to leave nice foam on top.
In relation to taste, the liquid poured from this machine is exceptionally fresh (as the single-serve pods never have a chance to go stale), and extremely quick to brew, which is perfect in the morning rush.
Due to the nature of the machine accepting the single-serve pods it is only possible to brew one mug of coffee at a time, although as a result of the quick brewing time, this isn't always much of a problem.
French Press Coffee Makers - a perfect machine for the true coffee connoisseur with its ability to use fresh ground beans, which gets poured direct into its chamber of water.
With the water heated, either using electric or on stovetop to heat to the ideal temperature, it is a simple case of pushing down on the plunger assembly down.
The function of the plunger is to filter the coffee by forcing the grounds to the bottom, leaving you to enjoy the fresh brew left at the top of the machine.
As a result of the direct contact with the grounds and water, this type of maker is able to create a drink which is refreshingly clean and strong, and completely void of dripping mechanisms or paper filters which have the potential to impair the taste.
Drip Coffee Makers - this is a quick and efficient machine for brewing a basic or standard mug of coffee and is probably the most popular of the three maker types mentioned.
In a typical drip coffee maker heated water is forced through a paper filter which contains the grounds, which goes on to produce a great coffee tastes, without a need to use fresh beans.
Drip machines are often low-priced, mostly due to their popularity, and are available with the quite simple machines to the highly sophisticated, with some faring better than others.

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