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Turn Up The Heat Inside Your Home This Summer

With summer comes romance, making it difficult not to be swept away.
This is wedding season, after all, and skimpy summer clothing works wonders for the baby population.
To turn up the heat in the personal life, start by making the home a more comfortable environment.
Believe it or not, home décor can influence the romantic life.
An interior redesign combined with some personal touches can work wonders for people in the dating department.
Create a Romantic Mood by Tempting the Senses Experts say that everything in the bedroom affects the love life.
The space should be vibrant and beautiful but also harmonious.
This allows sexual energy to flow without being blocked over time.
The art of Feng Shui offers several guidelines for making a bedroom more romantic.
While placing a light fixture directly above a bed is not recommended, adding soft lighting throughout the room helps create the appropriate mood.
Scent is another important element when it comes to romance.
Scents trigger moods because our brains associate them with experiences.
For example, the smell of fresh baked cookies may remind us of baking with a grandmother as a child, creating a nostalgic mood.
Floral scents tend to make people feel happy and citrus scents can energize.
In the romance department, scents like chocolate, caramel, jasmine, and rose are winners.
Incorporating these scents into the bedroom with wickless candles and room fragrance sprays is one way to keep things spicy.
During summer, the romantic theme can be carried outside the home to the yard.
Adding strands of white lights to tree branches or around a patio umbrella creates mood lighting.
Placing a few tea light candles in the outdoor dining area is much more romantic than using a portable lantern.
Surrounding a fire pit with cozy chaises featuring pillows and blankets will have couples snuggling as soon as dinner is over.
Think Out of the Box to Create a Romantic Setting People can use soap, lotion, and perfume or cologne to make themselves more romantically appealing.
Using soap or body lotion that features a floral scent will get anyone in the mood for love.
Applying scented body lotion after a shower keeps the romantic attraction going throughout the day.
A few spritzs of a romance-themed cologne or perfume enhances the appeal.
Commercials exaggerate the ability of these products to attract the opposite sex, but there is definitely truth to the message.
Behavior also influences romantic feelings, making it important to behave in an amorous way.
Flirt away, dropping subtle hints about being interested in the other person.
Just do not overdo it or this could ruin the mood.
People want to feel appreciated, not like a piece of meat.
Be respectful while showing interest and things should move along.
Summer is a season that encourages expression and few feelings are more fun to express than romantic ones.
Giving the home, and yourself, a romantic makeover will make every guest want to stay.
The temperature will be just as high indoors as it is outside but there is no reason to cool it down.
Get swept up in the moment and enjoy the perks of summer!

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