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DW Drum Sets - What You Didn"t Know That Makes Them the Best Choice

DW stands for Drum Worship and the company has been producing good quality drums for almost 40 years.
It was founded in 1972 by Don Lombardi, the current president of the company in Santa Monica, California.
Don started out by teaching percussion in a small studio and called it the Drum Workshop.
He gave private lessons and did a few monthly group workshops.
Giving lessons rarely makes one a great deal of money so soon he began to sell drums and accessories.
He and the teachers he hired to help him started to discuss what would make drums better and that is where everything began.
The first DW product was a height adjustable trap case seat.
They took off within a month of development.
Every night after teaching he and his staff would move everything out of the way and start building the seats.
After awhile they decided that they would go into manufacturing and out of teaching.
He bought Camco, a drum manufacturer in 1977 and started to make pedals and eventual drums.
Lombardi strives to make accessories and drums better and DW sets prove that fact.
Some high profile drummers agree that DW makes a good quality drum because they use it on stage.
Tommy Lee, Sheila E.
, Gary Novak, Terry Bozzio and many more play DW drums and love them.
They manufacture some great beginner sets and different professional drum sets.
Pacific Drums are for the beginner to intermediate player.
These sets are mass produced and not made by hand but they are very well made, sound great and last forever.
The are not custom so they do not carry a custom price and are very affordable.
There are the custom sets too and one that is extremely interesting is the Timeless Timber Line and Lake Superior Maple sets.
There was rumor of 500 year old timber that was sunk in Lake Superior.
Lombardi found it and used in in sets in 1997.
They have a unique look and great sound.
The cold water cured the wood and gave it an amazing musical resonance.
The Pacific Drum Z5 series is the best for young drummers.
It comes in several beautiful finishes including black cherry, carbon black, aqua blue, gray metal, and emerald.
The Mainstage series is a step above coming in either a silver or black metallic.
The cymbals come with this kit, unlike other kits where you have to buy the cymbals separately.
Next is the FS series where the drums are all made of birch giving them a bright tone.
Colors fade into one another on these sets and include cherry fading to black, natural fading to charcoal, tangerine fading to blue fading to black and something called tangerine burst.
The M5 series is for the professional and is all made of mellow maple and come in the same color as the FS series with the addition of emerald fading to black.
The X7 series is top of the line for professionals and comes in a variety of sparkle lacquer finishes and finally the Platinum series has all the bells and whistles.
Remember the Pacific Drum series is mass made which makes it much more affordable.
You still have an option of going to the custom DW drums but they will cost a great deal more.
DW drums are a good option for both the beginner and the professional player.

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