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What is Considered to Be a Wrongful Death?

Losing a loved one is overwhelmingly difficult to handle.
It is even upsetting and very much hurtful when you know that your loved one's untimely death is avoidable.
A family member might think all of the possibilities that the tragic event could have been prevented.
Eventually, due to frustration they will find someone to point a finger to.
Thus, the alleged wrongdoer will be held liable.
It is apparent that not even all the money in the world can bring back a lost loved one.
Coping with this kind of tragedy takes a lot of toll to family members, not to mention all the financial loss and expenses they will have to put up with.
Hence, it is very much understandable for the family to file a wrongful death lawsuit against those who are responsible.
Then, what is a wrongful death and what circumstances surrounding death can be classified as such? To state it clearly, a wrongful death claim is a claim towards the person who is accountable for a death of an individual due to reckless negligible acts.
It is evident that the deceased can no longer file a lawsuit, thus the claim is brought through a civil action lawsuit filed by close relatives or other people close to the deceased individual depending on which state they're in.
There are a lot of unfortunate events that can be used as grounds for filing this type of lawsuit.
Prescription drugs can also be a possibility to file a lawsuit, especially if it is defective.
Another would be car accidents.
Medical malpractice is also common in some countries.
A perfect example would be the recent death of Michael Jackson that led for his father suing his son's physician, Dr.
Conrad Murray, for a wrongful death lawsuit.
Due to the concoction of mixed drugs administered by Dr.
Murray to Michael Jackson, the pop icon suffered neurological and pulmonary signs that are ignored which led to his ill-timed death.
Another instance is a UFC star, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, over his infamous car chase colliding with the car of a pregnant woman.
She claimed her car was rammed repeatedly.
Due to the collision, she had a miscarriage causing the death of the fetus.
These are just some of the examples to think through for filing a wrongful death suit.
The process is complicated but it is reasonable for people who have suffered from the negligence of other individuals to have this kind of right.
After all, not only these people lost a loved but also lost a great deal financially.

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