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Men and Bridal Showers - A Good Mix?

I was at a bridal shower a few weeks ago when something rather strange happened.
To properly explain what surprised me, I must brief you on typical bridal shower etiquette.
For those who don't frequent many showers, most are female only events.
As I'm at the age where my friends are getting married, I've been to around five showers in the past two years and all of them have featured only female friends, co-workers and families.
In fact most bridal shower invitationswill mention to bring a female companion if you wish to bring someone (some though will not give you that option which means only bring yourself and, of course, a gift).
What made this last shower so interesting was that there were men in attendance.
Now, let me just say this didn't really bother me.
I'm sure there are some "purists" who would faint at the idea of a man being in attendance, but to me, eh, maybe I don't care enough to freak out.
While it didn't bother me, I have to say it did make a difference.
Maybe I'm just used to a bridal shower being a female only affair.
Certain things occur when it's only women in the room (mind out of the gutter, boys) and having men at the event changed the whole dynamics of the shower.
It felt more like a friend get together then a bridal shower which, honestly, had its pluses and minuses.
I did find myself at some point feeling kind of weird that I didn't have a date there.
This got me to thinking, are there rules that a shower has to be only female? Men don't really have a shower for the groom, so isn't it fair that they are involved in the shower? Frankly, I don't think guys want to be involved in the showers.
Sorry ladies, but the men that I saw at the bridal shower looked incredibly uncomfortable.
They had a look of "wait, what am I doing here?".
I'm sure they got dragged and once one guy was invited every other female followed.
And why would a guy want to be there, anyways? It's girly stuff.
Not that a man has to be all "football-beer-construction", but I'm sure there are other things they want to do with their Sunday afternoon.
Maybe I'm just old fashioned but leave the bridal showers to the gals.
Everyone involved will be happier.

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