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Five Necessary Resources for Building a Good Website

A website can be defined as a set of pages, clinched together in a single web domain.
Usually, a website is hosted on a single server, which is accessible through the Internet or via any local or private area network connection.
The access to these websites is via Uniform Resource Locator's (also abbreviated as URLs).
All these websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.
The use of these websites is versatile and now-a-days are being used for any and every purpose.
There are various resources that are required for the creation of a website, and in order to make the purpose served for which it is built.
A few of them are explained here.
Instant Domain Search The very first step for building a website is buying a domain name for it.
A common mistake made by a few people is; while searching for the domain name, they make a choice without checking its' availability.
This should not be followed as it leads to loss of money and time.
This is where this kind of resource comes into action as these tools instantly let the users know about the domain name or logo to be chosen.
The website of this tool is not at all complicated, a search bar is there where the domain name has to be entered and immediately, the availability is tested.
Google Analytics It is a very popular service when it comes to dealing with the websites.
This service actually attach itself with the website after a unique code fragment is embedded in the source code which is very much user specific.
This helps in getting a correct tally of the people visiting the website.
The information about the pages visited is supplied by the same service.
Other features offered by Google Analytics are; option to review the bounce rate, time spared by the visitors on the visit, and the pages which have the maximum number of hits.
This helps the owner or operator to strategy on how to improve the website.
Google Optimizer It is another great resource provided by the same manufacturer as above.
This optimizer tool guides the user for incorporating various other alternative design variations.
These variations can be of any sort or type; it can be as simple as the theme color of the website, at the same time complicated like placing the sidebar or widget in a proper position.
All these variations affect the visibility of the website on the search engine.
But the results of these services do not come overnight.
This service increases the familiarity of the visitors as the variations stay till the website owner wants them.
If the website has good quality content, then this optimizer tool can do wonders for it.
Browser Shots This tool is preferred by the fans of coding, but is beneficial to everybody.
The working procedure of this tool is as follows; first takes the screen-shots of the website within the various web browsers, then tests the view of the website on all the browsers available.
This gives a rough idea to the owner about how to improvise on the design of the website so that the consequences are better.
This tool enables the user to visually assess his/her website design in a simple manner and this tool also offers various options for improving it.
Icon Finder The effects which can make the website visually more appealing, are provided by this resource.
Icon Finder is a search portal for finding the icons and graphic enhancements.
The browsing here is also much easier.
There are special tags available for searching like; newest, popular etc.
This makes the searching easier on the users' side.

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