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1939 Ford Convertible Project - PART 3

If we were to trace the origin of handbags, women would likely be surprised to know that they were first utilized by a group of men some 2000 years ago.
Although wholesale handbags were not in the scene at this time, men in biblical times did indeed carry the equivalent of what we consider to be the handbags of today.
This practice came to women's knowledge and from then on, its handbags became completely indispensable.
Handbags, purses, or any other kinds of totes will forever be a part of women's wardrobes.
Although some men continue to don handbags occasionally, women have dominated the scene in the handbag industry.
No outfit can stand alone without a matching handbag.
By far, handbags have encapsulated women's fashion ever since the first modern versions appeared in France.
Nowadays, handbags were everywhere.
Thousands of handbags of all imaginable styles and designs are on the market.
Apparently, each kind has found its use in the wardrobe of every woman.
And yet, with the overwhelming number of handbags that has emerged year after year and grabbed up by female consumers, there are still many, many more soon to invade women's fashionable wardrobes.
Moreover, handbags designers are proliferating.
From a non-designer label to outrageously priced designer handbags, from a simple and plain masterpiece to shiny and elegantly embroidered handbags, the fashion industry will never cease to crank out new handbags for the market.
Who would have ever thought that men from biblical times may have been the ones to give rise to the industry of fashionable handbags?

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