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How to Lubricate the Hood/Trunk Latch in a Honda CR-V

    • 1). Gather the supplies you need to lubricate the hood latch on your Honda CR-V. These products include WD-40 and a spray lithium grease like Teflon(TM) White Lithium Grease. Although this vehicle doesn't have a trunk, it does have a hatch and you should use this process to lubricate the hatch latch as you would the hood latch.

    • 2). Open the hood of your Honda CR-V with the hood release tab found on the left hand side of the control panel near the dead pedal. It has a white vehicle icon painted on it; insert one finger under the tab and pull until the you hear it release the hood.

    • 3). Look for rust spots. Rust is going to look like a yellow, orange, red or brown crust. Remove the rust crust using sandpaper or a wire brush. To prevent the rust from returning, spray the area with WD-40. Wipe away any splatters before moving on.

    • 4). Secure the open hood with the prop rod found on the right top fender before you start working on your latch assembly. Start by cleaning the latch. You can wipe down the male end of the latch with a clean rag and then swab out the inside of the latch assembly. To get the grime deep inside the latch, you may need to wrap the cloth around your finger or a screwdriver.

    • 5). Get your lithium grease and spray the latch. To lubricate the latch properly, you need to spray directly into the latch as well as around the edges of the latch. Open and close the latch to test it out. If you think the latch is still sticking, then spray the latch with more lithium grease.

    • 6). Repeat the entire process on the hatch latch. If there's carpet around the latch, you may want to vacuum first to ensure you don't knock loose dirt into the mechanism.

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