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Fraser Island Campsite Eurong Important Guidepost
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Through outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping, you can learn to appreciate nature.
National and State Parks provide excellent destinations for your outdoor activities.
Sports such as mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, and rock climbing can enhance your camping trip.

When camping it is important to have proper apparel. Rain and wind wear are essential, as are a first aid kit and plenty of drinking water.
Winter camping requires more clothing and protective gear.
Do a little research as most of the National and State Parks have excellent web sites where you can investigate and find the hiking trails and other activities that are available.
You will also find excellent information on popular points of interest in travel books and park brochures.
Excursions and rentals can be arranged through outfitters who are in the areas near the park you are visiting.
Hiking trails in the park can be a great way to experience the beauty of the area.

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Remember to take items such as a daypack with water, a rain/wind jacket, snack, and a first aid kit when you go on longer hikes; be sure to wear good and comfortable hiking boots.
Park rangers can provide you with information on precautions that will keep you safe in case of encounters with wildlife, as well as steps you can take to discourage them from entering your campsite.
Tent camping attracts young families because the children tend to enjoy it, and because gear is inexpensive and rugged.
Biking is usually allowed on paved roads and backcountry dirt roads in national and state parks, but not on hiking trails.
You can find information about bike trails at the visitor's center or in park brochures.
During your visit to the park consider horseback riding as a fun and exciting way to tour the area.
Remote areas of some of the national parks can sometimes be seen best on one of the fabulous river rafting excursions offered there.
A wonderful way to explore remote areas of the parks is kayaking on some of the most beautiful lakes in the United States.
Rock climbing, mounntaineering, and cross country skiing are exciting and fun ways to spend your time while visiting national and state parks.
The incredible scenery found in our national and state parks, along with the great variety of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there, make them wonderful destinations for vacations and an opportunity to enjoy nature.

Lastly on a related note.
Sometimes hikers can interfere with each others' enjoyment, or that of other users of the land, but they can minimize this interference by following good etiquette.
Also on another related note.
Camping Trailers A variety of options exist if you are willing to tow your camper, ranging from lightweight pop up tent campers to more durable trailers.

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