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The 4 Key Secrets That Every Winner Knows

All winners have qualities in common with each other. This article will focus on the 4 most important qualities that all winners have.

1. Don't subdue to short-term satisfaction

Winners know that in order to succeed in any field or endeavor it is essential to overcome the short term satisfaction that comes from hitting small targets. Those who do have the quality to become a winner will make a small amount of money and spend it. A winner will take that money and invest it. The winner doesn't stop at the small targets, instead they keep on going looking at the bigger picture always.

Winners don't give in to the pursuit of short term pleasure to the detriment of their long term goals. Winners don't try to avoid actions or tasks that involve short term pain or effort, but are crucial to their long term success. Instead they out-source the work or create a unique way of achieving the same results whilst creating the most enjoyment as they can.

Would be athletes must be willing to endure the short term pain of intensive training and give up the short term pleasure of spending time with their friends if they are to have any sort of chance at succeeding.

Whatever you want to achieve in life you must learn to overcome the short term mindset by focusing all of your attention on your larger goals, don't overcome to the more immediate gratifications.

2. All winners set goals

Winners know that you have to set goals and targets to give yourself purpose, direction and focus. They know they must have both a major life purpose that they are continuously working towards and immediate short term goals to act as stepping stones to get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

If you were to ask 100 people what their definite major purpose on this planet was, only 5 of them would give you a concrete and definite answer. Only these 5 people are winners. What is your major purpose in life?

Winners know that their life long goals must be in place first and then their short term goals must be added as they start to move towards what they want. There's little point in setting short term goals if you don't know your final destination.

A winner is prepared to change their short-term goals if the need arises. They change their goals slowly and make their decisions quickly.

3. Winners create definite, immediate plans

No architect would ever attempt to build any sort of building without first formulating a detailed plan of what to build. So many people go through life without any definite plan as to how they are going to get to where they want to be. How can you expect to travel from United States to Canada if you don't plan a route?

Ever winner has followed a plan or a set of instructions with sub goals all leading to the ultimate fulfillment of their major life purpose.

When formulating plans, you may not be the best person to provide input as to the correct method or route to follow which is why you should always seek professional advice from experts in the field you are researching. Every successful person knows that you cannot become an expert in everything, instead let the experts be experts and you can call on their expertise to show you the way forward.

Planning shouldn't be the be all and end all. Plans will continuously change and require modification as you move towards your targets. Instead of researching and planning for months on end, there is a point that you have to just stop planning and start taking action towards your goal.

Remember this motto when taking action towards your goals:
If it isn't fun, then don't do it.

4. Let nothing beat you

A winner knows that persistence, mixed with a burning desire to succeed will get you home and dry. Often obstacles will be presented to you, it is how you deal with these obstacles that determine whether you are a winner or not.

Never let yourself become beaten by any obstacle. Give it your very best to overcome the situation and never quit. Quitting isn't an option. Burn all bridges behind you so that you have no alternative but to succeed and you will - guaranteed.

Winners don't quit but they don't stubbornly repeat the same nonproductive actions over and over again. Make sure you aren't wasting time repeating the same mistakes over and over again when there could be another route available to you that you haven't seen.

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