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If you are into geography and are looking for an interesting world map to help you in your studies then a unique wooden globe may be what you are looking for.
In ancient times all globes were wooden pieces cut and assembled by hand and painted with a delicate touch.
Many people find these old globes so interesting that they have become collectors of them and will go to great lengths to procure the next piece in their collection.
Wooden globes detailed not only the world but the night sky, pointing out the numerous constellations and stars that were visible to the naked eye.
Travelers and sailors relied heavily on the knowledge preserved by these globes to help guide them on their way.
Now it has become kitsch to have an antique style wooden globe in the home.
A good wooden world globe should be a wood such as maple and is usually very intricate.
Some globes can be assembled with up to 1000 square cut wooden sections.
Of this number 665 hand cut and shaped pieces representing the countries and geographical features, while 335 pieces are cut and shaped to represent the oceans.
Elaborate 24k gold ribbon can be used to represent the latitude and longitude lines.
The makers of a good wooden globe will pride themselves on hand painting all the lettering and countries with the most current details before adding the finishing touch of up to 10 layers of lacquer that will go a great ways toward protecting the globe, long enough for it to become an antique itself.
Most antique style wooden globes won't be attached to a stand the way modern ones are.
They are something tangible that can be picked up from a similar wooden stand and hefted in the hands.
Wooden Globes will certainly add a unique touch to the home or office.

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