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The Things Women Need To Know About Men

All women need to know what it means to be a guy. Times have become much differently, especially in recent years. More men are seeing women as an equal, and respecting their independance. Men are showing more and more respect towards women, and realizing their true value. Men have shifted from being the provider and owner of the household, to being a more neutral and sharer of responsibiliities.

Women And Marriage-

When a girl decides to marry, they take on several responsibilities that guys would traditionally back away from. A women is supposed to be able to prepare meals, maintain a tidy home and be the primary caregiver of the child. In today's age, given that women share a professional career with their male counterpart, they have alot on their plate to deal with.

But, men are starting to share these tasks and becoming more helpful in the household, and other traditional woman roles.

Women And Equality-

Women were once thought of as being more of the caregiver and company to the male, have really stepped up and made their presence felt in a male dominated world. CEO's, bodybuilders, Sole income earners in the household. Women will never be taken on lightly again. They are emerging ever more strongly as new standards are being set with each passing moment.

Women And The Dating World-

When it comes to dating, anything goes these days. A woman could be looked at as just as much of a hunter or chaser as a man. Many women are happy to say that they wear their pants around, and call the shots. It's great to see things on an even playing field, and it changes the whole meaning of 'woman'.

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