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How to Breed Fancy Tail Guppies

    • 1). Place two female and one male in an aquarium. Set the temperature around 72 degrees. This is best for breeding.

    • 2). Add a Tablespoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallon of water.

    • 3). Sit back and relax. Guppies get pregnant and have babies every 30 days or so.

    • 4). The female will grow very large. You will see black spot near the end of her belly. This is actually the eyes of the babies. When she gets large and near the 30 day mark, it is best to put her in a separate tank.

    • 5). They also make breeder tanks, that allow the mother to drop her babies and keep them separate from her. She will eat them and so will all other guppies. If you want to keep the guppies separate her.

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