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The Changing Face of American Food Politics

A recent New York Times article pointed out that Americans are eating less meat now then they have at any point in the past twenty years. American meat eating has been trending downward for the past twenty years but the most pronounced drop has come in the past five years. This is due to increased awareness of animal rights, the effects of meat on the body and the environment, and a desire to eat healthier, more wholesome food.

The article also points out that more people are identifying themselves as vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian (people who don't eat meat often but don't cut it out of their diets entirely). It is clear that people don't want to put up with the commercial meat industry. More people are choosing green foods and when they do eat meat, they choose organic and other more responsible choices. This is good news for purveyors of locally grown foods, particularly produce. People are increasingly calculating the effects their diet has on the environment, the community and their health. This means buying green foods and locally grown foods as opposed to processed food.

Not only are farm to table foods healthier and more responsible, they taste better. Commercial produce is covered in pesticides, irradiated, and shipped from South America. Farm to table food doesn't have pesticides and other chemicals to ruin the taste. It also supports local families as opposed to massive, multinational corporations. Multination corporations are bad for food, communities, and the enviroment.

The benefits of all-natural foods are well documented. A diet rich in all-natural foods, vegetables, fruits, and whole wheat is the key to better health, improved mood, and longevity. Some people even believe that a diet rich in these foods can reverse the course of certain diseases like cancer and heart disease. It seems that everyday nutritionist and scientists are finding new reasons to eat healthy. A lot of people have resolved to make 2012 the healthiest year yet. Many of these resolutions will fizzle out around the end of January. If you are serious about getting healthy for 2012, eating green foods and exercising are the two most important things you can do. That is easier said than done, but if you find some wholesome foods you love and commit to eating them, you will be on the right track. Even just replacing one meal a day with a salad, vegetable dish, or whole wheat options can do wonders.

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