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5 Interesting Confessions of an Online Shopaholic!

It is fun, it's relaxing and it's creative! If there is one place on earth called shopper's paradise then here it is!

Where else can you enjoy cheaper deals and get the products you love for a better price? The world of online shopping is the abode of shoppers that lets you indulge in your most loved activity from the comforts of your home or while you are at office. All you need is a computer with internet connection to engage in the mirth of this typical activity of splurging for delight.

The online shopping revolution was heralded in the mid-1990s and it didn't take much time for the phenomenon to introduce us with the most innovative and convenient product acquisition experience. Even though the instant gratification of the real-world shopping is missing, purchasing products online can make you experience an equally appealing buzz given the wide variety of choices available at a competitive pricing.

Now, that's a great deal, because modern time is demanding and you want to make every purchase count. Imagine how will it feel to gain access to a resplendent collection of the products you love via your personal computers, mobile devices or tablets? For once we can forget concentrating on how we look and simply focus our attention only to ogle at every single aspect of the product we might purchase.

When pleasure and convenience combines, online shopping is born! So what all can you shop online? You will be surprised to know that the list is endless. Drifting away from the traditional ways of life is not an easy task. But when the perks of adapting the modern technology are such enticing, then why resist the lure for long. From cars to furniture, from furnishings to grocery, from linens to apparels and from cosmetics to stationeries, what not can you shop online! It is the place where both ideas and plots are sold.

Recently, I fell short of stationeries. An immediate restoration of supplies was needed. Instead of making all the way down to the market stationery store, I took a trip to my favourite online shopping website. The list of items I shopped from there was huge, but coupon codes with attractive discounts helped me gain a fair value of the money I invested.

1.My sketching endeavors required a proper tool: For those who enjoy sketching during free time, it's good to give a professional touch to your creative. All you need is a proper sketch or shading pencil. I found one for myself online.

2.A fine tip fountain pen for making an impact: They say you don't sign until it leaves an impact. The idea enthralled me with sheer spectacle. As I took a tour of the concerned online portal I couldn't resist the urge of gifting myself one of the finest fountain pens I ever owned. The glitz of Swarovski dazzled me and I ended up owning one for myself whose body was adorned by the glamour of these precious stones.

3.The colours of life: I love entreating myself with wonders of colourful imagination. I was amazed to discover a similar enthusiasm for colourful creativity in my young niece as well. She loved to paint, hence I didn't deter for even ones to choose the most wonderful box of crayons and oil pastel for my sweet little niece. It was not practically possible to give wings to her imagination, at least I could gift herreason to colour them.

4.Files and Folders: I often find myself hovering from one shelve to another in search of important papers or documents. I fashionably like to call myself computer savvy and this is one of the reasons why I am more comfortable maintaining files and folders on my laptop rather than arranging other important physical documents such as agreements, appointment letters, mark sheet, certificates, etc. Must confess that this is one of the most irritating habits that I have, I tend to lose track of my important documents. I lack organizing skills, but this time I intend to start afresh. Hence when I got down making stationery purchase from this online store I made it a point to get myself quite a few files and folders as well.

5.Glue and scissors: A small emergency can make you realize the indispensability of glue and scissors. An untimely need to mend wear and tear of any kind makes glue a very important stationery to be present at your home or at office. Glue and scissors come very handy; hence somehow most of us fail to identify their importance. But this time I made it a point for them to be included in my list of stationery shopping.

It was an amazing and a different kind of an experience. Previously when I followed the very traditional way of shopping from brick and mortar stationery stores my wish was frequently not carried out by the grumpy shopkeepers. Every time I asked for more options, he denied cooperating. It was me who always had to compromise and select articles I needed from the handful of options that he pleased to place in front of me. With online shopping as my best friend I no longer need to be on the mercy of the grumpy store keeper's wills. I can now easily browse through all the vibrant options from one page to another and click on the items I like the most for making a purchase.

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