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Surefire Ways to Tell If He"s Two Timing You! Don"t Let Him Play With Your Emotions Anymore

If you know for sure whether you man is being unfaithful or not, it will put your heart at rest.
No woman likes to find out that he is cheating on her.
Usually it is the wife or lover who comes to know of it last! Let not this happen to you.
Take a peek at the tips below and find out if you are being cheated upon by your guy.
He will spend less time with you One of the signs of a cheating lover/spouse is when he starts spending less time with you.
He will make all sorts of excuses to stay away from you.
This is partly because he is seeing someone else and partly because he is guilty as hell and cannot face being with you.
He will lie through his teeth Even if he is two timing you and you confront him, he is bound to lie through his teeth.
If he insists on making fickle excuses as to why he was out and you find him lying time and time again, it just shows that all is not well and that he is definitely hiding something from you.
He will be extra loving to throw you off his scent Sometimes, a man can become extra loving and attentive just to throw you off the scent! He does not want to alert you to the fact that he is having an affair so he will try to keep you happy with his attention.
This is a sly way of keeping you from suspecting the truth.
Beware of his charming ways! Look through his personal things If you need to know if he is seeing someone else, then you could rifle through his personal things.
Don't let on that you have your suspicions or else he will be on his guard! Signs like long hair (of a color that does not match yours), love notes and even lipstick on his collar will give him away! He will work "overtime" Has he suddenly started working overtime? Does he spend extra hours at the office? There are chances that he is two timing you with a colleague with whom he is cooped up in the office for 8 hours a day! Check this out by dropping in unexpectedly at the office one evening! He will become possessive of his phone If your guy has turned over possessive about his phone and refuses to let you read his messages, then it is clear that he has something to hide.
If he is constantly making furtive calls at all hours of the day and refuses to let you know who he is talking to - don't be naïve - he's two timing you! His behavior will change at home The fact that he is seeing someone else will make him feel trapped and restless with you.
Watch his behavior and judge for yourself.
If he has sudden outbursts of temper, is impatient and constantly argues with you, then he does not want to be at home with you.

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