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Locating a missing individual depends on several factors.
They may include the character of the missing person, the length of time missing, the geographical landscape and resources available.
With resolve and adequate information, it is possible to locate just about anyone.
However, there are variables that can turn the most simple of searches into the most difficult ones.
Finding a lost friend is sometimes as simple as calling directory assistance or using CD roms.
These could produce valuable leads that, in turn, could produce successful searches.
Locating a debtor could be a little more difficult.
Generally, people are aware of the resources available.
It is another matter that those resources are strangely overlooked.
It is astonishing that many people have been found through the telephone book or directory assistance, after initially overlooked by the client.
Public records, such as court files, motor vehicle records and property records can be competent sources of useful information.
Resolve, is the key here.
It is imperative to search, verify and follow up leads until all have been exhausted or the missing person found.
For investigators, the resources available are exhaustive.
Computerized records can generate various sources as well as faulty information.
While an investigation is performed, it requires finding data and then sifting the accurate from the inaccurate.
An investigator requires all possible information to find a missing individual.
It is rare that a few telephone calls find a missing person.
Most investigators have three ways of agreeing to an assignment.
They are: flat fee, budgeted and simply finding the missing person.
The flat fee investigation involves a higher fee for finding a missing person and a lesser fee for a failed case.
Then there are the "no find/no fee" plans.
Though this may sound good ? it can cost you $100 for a successful case - it offers no incentive for the investigator to give his best to the search.

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