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Spiritual Eating Tips - 3 Signs to Know That You"re on the Path to Enlightened Eating

There's no shortage of nutrition information out there.
But still we find ourselves more disconnected from food than ever.
I could give you a thousand eating tips in this article but if you're not eating in the right frame of mind, they will all be useless.
What's the right frame of mind? Approaching your food in an enlightened way.
Here are 3 signs that show you're making progress: You have realistic expectation of foods Forget the chase for new 100 calorie, low carb, high protein, fat free snacks.
Holding onto the expectation that these foods will solve all your healthy eating problems only creates more problems in the long run.
It's time to stop listening to the advertising.
Yes, eating vegetables, lean meats, and fruits may not bring you overnight results.
But does that mean they're ineffective? Absolutely not.
Eating the smart foods, knowing they will give back to you in the future is one sign of enlightened eating.
You make time for food in your life We give time to the things that are most important to us.
Food deserves that exact same treatment.
Preparing meals in advance, choosing a salad bar over a drive through, and cooking instead of ordering delivery means you're paying reverence to food.
What you give your positive attention to brings positive results in your life.
If you think you're too busy to eat, it just means you're living too much of what needs to be done next rather than what needs to be done now.
You eat without judgment One of the biggest blocks to enlightened eating is the overuse of words like good and bad.
In fact, there really are no good or bad foods.
Every food has their own "is"ness that needs to be appreciated.
The more you eat a food and quickly judge whether it's good or bad, the more you move away from enlightened eating.
You don't want to be judged as a person.
You need to live judgment free and eat judgment free if you want the enlightened experience.

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