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Win More Tournaments in 7 Card Poker

As the majority of online poker players attempt to exercise their skills in Texas Holdem, a new wave of online players are finding great opportunities in other less frequented games such as 7 card stud.
Those players are enjoying smaller fields and more payouts by using a simple secret strategy to win.
7 Card stud was always regarded as the forerunner of today's poker, since many of the old-timers played this game long before the advent of no limit Texas Hold'em.
In fact, the community card game of Texas hold em has only seen a surge in the last decade thanks mostly to the internet and television.
Although games such as 7 card stud poker seems to have taken a back seat to the more popular poker games found online, many new players are rediscovering seven card stud as a way to make money in online poker.
Obviously the field sizes are a little smaller, the aggression factor is quite lessened and the ability of a good player to outlast the donkeys is greatly increased.
All of these added advantages make playing 7 card stud a great opportunity for the serious poker player.
In addition, the game is just as simple to learn and play as regular Texas hold em.
Because the game of 7 card stud is a more stable game of poker, the ability to draw out by using community cards is greatly reduced.
The secret to winning is simply that many inexperienced players think their odds of winning are the same as in Texas Holdem! That makes 7 card stud a more skillful game, especially in tournament play.
A solid player has the added advantage of waiting out the lower levels in tournament play until the field is thinned and the blinds and antes are increased where it becomes easier to double and triple up.
Unlike Texas hold em, you can find better opportunities to add to your poker chip stack by simply choosing the right decision based on your first three cards.
You are not totally committed to a pot on draws or suck outs as you can easily see your opponents cards and the potential hands they are holding.
If you enjoy no limit Texas hold'em, take a peek at playing in a seven card stud poker game to add variety to your poker resume.
Although, the basic strategies are similar, the game is easier to win for a disciplined poker player.

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