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Does Your Ex Still Want You? - Get Over the Break Up and See the Signs

Obviously now, right after the relationship has fallen apart, you are wondering if your ex does still want you.
The only thing is, you WILL have doubts now, because the pain of the break up is still fresh in your memory, and you are probably convinced that you will never see your ex again.
However, if you take the time to get over the harsh words that you said to each other that caused the break up, sooner or later you will look at things a whole lot differently.
Does your ex still want you? The answer to this question is more than likely, yes.
Remember, your ex is feeling just as lousy after the break up as you are, and also needs time to think things over.
There will be signs that your ex still wants you.
For instance, you will start getting text messages from him/her, which will become more frequent as the days go by.
Also, you will find that, wherever you go, your ex seems to be there.
Now, this could be coincidence, but ALL the time? Your ex is obviously missing you and is doing all he/she can to keep some sort of contact with you, even if it means just seeing you from a distance at the moment.
You might also find that your ex will find excuses to drop by your home in the hope of seeing you.
It could be to bring something that belongs to you, back to you, or to perhaps tell you something that he/she feels is important enough to warrant a visit to your house.
These are all very obvious signs that your ex is still VERY interested in you.
Does your ex still want you? The answer to that question should be VERY obvious to you at this stage.
Your ex is practically spelling it out to you that he/she loves you very much, and wants very badly to get back together with you again - as soon as possible! All you need do now, is grant your ex his/her wish, and make contact with him/her, right now.

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