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Why I Packed My Lifetime Knowledge Into A Single File

Well, not quite my lifetime knowledge, but certainly all of my expertise relating to creative writing, achieving publication, and aspiring to bestseller status in every literary work I set out to create.
So why have I done this: pack all my knowledge into a single file? It was prompted by something in the response I received after giving away my proven formula for getting published; a gift to mark my 75th birthday; a gift that was downloaded hundreds of times in just a few weeks.
Most of the emails were from recipients expressing their gratitude but the remainder disturbed me; they were from writers claiming that no matter how hard they tried, they just could not get their work published.
Now that's sad, very sad, but undeniably true...
Most writers spend a lifetime trying to get into traditionally published hard copy print but all they end up with is mounting frustration and a pile of rejection slips a mile high.
It's doubly sad because it needn't be so; there is a way, a tried and tested way to turn consistent failure on its head and convert it into sustained success; a way in the shape of a series of simple, proven, time-tested strategies that successful writers down the ages have always used to inject their work with the quantifiable bestselling potential that ensures publication in traditional hard copy print.
When I first started writing in earnest I did not know about these age-old, time tested strategies but I was lucky, very lucky, inasmuch as my first piece of creative writing became my first published work and a bestseller.
First published in 1995 "Starting Your Own Business" is still around today, still selling in big numbers in bookstores world wide, and still featuring in the major online bestselling lists.
Now, with a clutch of bestsellers in my portfolio, not only do I know about these timeless strategies, not only do I consciously use them use them in all my writings, but now at last I have managed to package them all together in one single file.
I have done this to put something valuable back into a profession that's been good to me and to assist aspiring authors following in my footsteps to realize their ambition to become published.
If you would like to see how I packed my lifetime knowledge into a single file you might want to visit the website featured in the resource box below.

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