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How to Use Door Hangers Effectively?

Most of us have ignored door hangers put on our doorknobs.
However, they are cheapest way to promote one's business.
And with correct target market, it can be a viable tool to increase one's sales.
To support this claim, this technique has been adopted by some of the world's most elite companies like Pizza Hut and Papa John's.
These companies enlisted the marketing prowess of door hangers to drive more customers for their business.
This form of advertisement is also famous on hotel and lodging industries.
In fact, every room does have door hanger.
You can use these things as an advantage just like how the big companies have done with their businesses.
Be Unique You need to be different in order for your business to stand out.
Unique ideas and compelling designs will catch the attention of prospective customers.
It is more effective than mailing your target market since self-mailers does not compete for consumers' attention.
Normally, people give importance to anything that is hanging on the knob of their room's door.
Since they need to directly focus on the doorknob when they open the door, it is impossible for them not to notice the door hanger.
Then out of curiosity, they will read what is written there.
Also, mailing your market will only compete with mailbox space and has a higher chance of being unread compared to door hangers.
With that, door hangers should be unique and eye-catchy.
Ordinary design will only be ignored by many so you have to be think of a design that can easily attracts anyone's attention.
And once you get their attention it would be easy for them to digest the information written and proceed to the next step in the purchasing process.
Loosen Up Even though it is considered an old form of advertisements, they can be very helpful to establish a hip or good-natured image especially if quotes from famous movies are included.
They also make hotel guests comfortable and in charge since they are given more options to several services.
Identify Your Target Market It is important to know who will be receiving those hangers.
Door hangers with cartoon designs advertising a certain baby products should be given to family with children and not to the newly wed couples.
By doing this, you can save some of your resources and at the same time increases your chance of being noticed by your targeted costumers.
Insert Images Illustrations are viable to convince people to buy your product.
Pictures give consumers an idea on what will they expect if they bought the product.
It can also make them hungry or want to satisfy their appetite which is especially true for food niches.
This have been thought before by Whole Foods which then makes them successful with their business.
Basically, a good image of a mouth-watering meal always attracts anyone's stomach.
You don't really need to spend that much just to be successful with your business.
You just need to identify who needs your products and introduce it to them.
And as long as your products are of high quality, it would be the best form of advertisement which no door hangers can overcome.

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